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Indigenous Knowledge Commons

Native Conversations

"Native Conversations" is a series of discussions among indigenous and non-indigenous 'thinkers and doers' about the "Big Questions" that face indigenous cultures in the modern world. These may be imaginary conversations, constructed by assembling short extracts of previously published texts on the specified topic. Or they may be original conversations, brought together especially for the Indigenous Knowledge Commons.

For each Big Question, visitors are invited to respond either to the conversation overall, or to any of the individual contributions. If you would like to organize a new Native Conversation around a Big Question of your own chooseing, please contact Wade Chambers (

Native Conversations development was funded by the W. M. Keck Foundation.

Big Question Archive

For many people “tribalism” has become a term of abuse, others see it as a worthy ideal. Does “tribalism” have a valid role to play in modern society?

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