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Story Weaver: a web application where you can create spaces filled with things: indigenous stories in digital spaces! Story Weaver enables students to tell stories by arranging elements – images, videos, maps, text, tags, sounds and so forth – on a two-dimensional plane.

Story weaver

Story Weaver was funded by the W. M. Keck Foundation for use in Native Eyes Indigenous Studies Project at the Institute of American Indian Arts.

Story Weaver is a custom web application created by a team made up of Wade Chambers and David Turnbull of the Native Eyes Project at IAIA and Virginia Murdoch and Joseph Pearson at Inventive Labs, a Web Design firm. The software is constructed on top of an Inventive Labs-built framework known as ‘Loom’, The Loom framework is in still in active development, which will allow Storyweaver’s functionality to grow over time. In the next stage, relationships between individual stories or ‘weaves’ can be viewed through ‘Prisms’, a mechanism for aggregating the content based on particular criteria (such as real-world location, tags or time).

The link to the demo version of Storyweaver is here - take a little peep, if you feel like an adventure.

Story weaver prism

The Chronology prism shows you recent activity on Story Weaver.

Story Weaver development was funded by the W. M. Keck Foundation.

Story weaver mascot

Mascot Bonfire

Story weaver navajo

Story weaver dwelling

Pueblo Culture emblazoned on the walls of a Dwelling Place.

Story weaver modest